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About Your Coach

It All Began From A Single Seed

As a young child, Jonah Krochmalnek, the visionary founder of Living Earth Farm, experienced the sheer delight of a ripe homegrown tomato from his dad's garden. It was a taste of pure magic, a simple pleasure he wanted to make accessible to all.

After leaving the corporate world, Jonah volunteered at a local farm, igniting his passion for farming. In 2013, he took a leap of faith and launched a microgreens business right out of his parents' modest 150 sqft spare room. Little did he know that this humble beginning would grow into the 5000 sqft facility known today as Living Earth Farm – one of Canada's premier organic microgreen growers.

Driven by the purpose of feeding people the absolute most nutritious greens, Jonah's journey is a testament to the transformative power of growing food. Through personalized consultations and impactful coaching, Jonah is on a mission to share his wealth of knowledge, helping vertical farms across the globe thrive and making delicious, simple food accessible to communities everywhere. Join us in making the impactful positive changes to our food system with microgreens!

Jonah Krochmalnek, Founder of  Living Earth Farm

Jonah's first farm

at home!

Jonah Krochmalnek's first microgreen farm from home (spare bedroom)

Our Mission:
To equip the microgreens community with the highest quality educational content. From farmer to farmer, we're here to guide you in growing more food with less resources, maximizing profitability, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

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